Life is a struggle

There are four noble truths taught by Buddha. The first noble truth is knowing life is struggle. The second truth is our desire and craving increase the suffering at the end.

Even in this modern world, if we look closer what life constitutes, it is hard to deny that life is a struggle.

Here are some facts to support that.

  1. In Canada 50% of the population would get cancer in their life time.
  2. Around 12% would suffer from major depression.
  3. Around 5% would suffer from Anxiety disorder.
  4. 1% would get Schizophrenia
  5. Another 1% would get Bipolar disorder.
  6. 38% of the marriage will end up in divorce.
  7. On average 10% of the people will cheat on their partners. (8% of women and 13% of men)

Add the other things that life throws at you; stressful work, grinding commute, lay offs, accidents etc…etc, it would be insane denying that life is nothing but struggle.

This is not a pessimistic outlook, it is the realistic outlook. Just accepting something as it is cannot be considered pessimistic. Rather, being blind to the truth and denying would be stupid.

So what can be done about this.

If somebody asks me, I would say be prepared like a soldier and try to be happy as much as you can. Don’t overindulge.
Just avoid anything that distracts you from this truth.

There is no point in trying to impress others while there is a sharp knife hanging above all of our heads.


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